Protein to Energy Ratio of Foods

Use this calculator to determine the Protein to Energy Ratio of your foods or meals. The optimal P:E ratio for the ProFAST diet is at least 1:1, with a higher ratio being more advantageous.


Waist to Height Ratio (WHtR)

Statistical evidence supports that WHtR is a better predictor of cardiovascular, diabetes and stroke risk than the body mass index (BMI) because it accounts for the distribution of abdominal fat, which is known to increase the risks.

Homeostatic Model of Insulin Resistance (HOMA)

The HOMA-IR is being used extensively for estimates of beta cell function and insulin resistance, both in clinical practice and studies, and is a preferred estimate for insulin resistance.

Triglyceride to Glucose Index (TyG)

The triglyceride and glucose index is a screening method for insulin resistance that is very simple to use and only requires two laboratory determinations: serum triglycerides and serum glucose.

Ideal Body Weight Estimate

Body Fat Percentage Estimate

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